Celiac disease and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

  title={Celiac disease and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus},
  author={Prof. Carla Sategna-Guidetti and S. Grosso and Raffaella Pulitan{\'o} and Elena Benaduce and Franco Dani and Quirico Carta},
  journal={Digestive Diseases and Sciences},
We screened for celiac disease, by means of IgA class anti-endomysium antibodies (EmA), 383 consecutive adults with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Two control populations entered the study as well: 151 adults with biopsy proven celiac disease, as true positives; and 520 controls (healthy and diseased) as true negatives. IgA-EmA positivity was found in 145 of 151 (96%) celiac disease patients but in none of the controls (100% specificity). EmA were positive in 12 of 383 (3.13%) IDDM… CONTINUE READING