Celebrity and Mediated Social Connections

  title={Celebrity and Mediated Social Connections},
  author={Neil M Alperstein},
Digital togetherness as everyday resistance: The use of new media in addressing work exploitation in rural areas
The literature on spatial-temporal barriers shows that temporary migrant workers are vulnerable to exploitation and has concentrated on how they utilize new media to address underpayment and
Exploring the credibility and self-presentation of Insta micro-celebrities in influencing the purchasing decisions of Bangladeshi users
Social media has and continues to provide ordinary people ubiquitous access to influence others and in the process, achieve online celebrity status. Not surprisingly, micro-celebrities on digital
You are Cancelled: Virtual Collective Consciousness and the Emergence of Cancel Culture as Ideological Purging
Social networking platforms were originally conceived to enable individuals to engage in various forms of online interactions. As social networking sites robustly permeated different facets of
Sport fans’ perspectives of public shaming of professional athletes on social media
ABSTRACT Recent research has illustrated sport fans’ propensity to engage in public shaming practices directed at professional athletes via social media in response to athletes’ perceived norm