Celebrating Andrew Alm Benson’s 93rd birthday

  title={Celebrating Andrew Alm Benson’s 93rd birthday},
  journal={Photosynthesis Research},
  • Govindjee
  • Published 2 September 2010
  • Physics
  • Photosynthesis Research
We celebrate Andy Benson’s 93rd birthday on September 24, 2010 through this Editorial. This short account about Andy Benson should serve as a prelude to the short article that Andy has written for the entire photosynthesis community, which gives a glimpse of why he left the field of the “path of carbon in photosynthesis,” when he had already discovered, together with Melvin Calvin, James Alan Bassham, and others, most of the major steps in what we now call the Calvin–Benson cycle. 

Andrew Benson honored on birthday № 97

A brief account of the 97th birthday celebration of Andrew A. Benson, a scientific legend known for his pioneering work on the path of carbon in photosynthesis (the Calvin-Benson cycle) is presented.

Andrew A. Benson: personal recollections

A grand celebration of his life was held on February 6, 2015, in California, and here, one of his photographs and key excerpts from what was said then and soon thereafter are presented.

Remembering Melvin Calvin (1911–1997), a highly versatile scientist of the 20th century

Calvin Calvin’s prolific career included artificial photosynthesis, colors of organic substances, the origin of life, cancer, moon rocks, molecular basis of learning, and plant lipids & algal hydrocarbons as potential renewable sources of transport fuels.

A tribute to Seymour Steven Brody: in memoriam (November 29, 1927 to May 25, 2010)

His first-of-a-kind contributions on the primary processes of photosynthesis at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are presented, and his research on the interactions of chlorophyll monolayers and various photosynthetic electron donors and acceptors in artificial membrane systems at New York University is reviewed.

Andrew A. Benson, 1917–2015

On January 16, 2015, Professor Andrew Alm Benson, one of the leading plant biochemists of the twentieth century, died in La Jolla, California, at the age of 97; he was born on September 24, 1917.

The paths of Andrew A. Benson: a radio-autobiography

A biological perspective of Andrew A. Benson’s body of studies is presented, which charts the chemical flow of energy in cells, tissues, organs, plants, animals, and ecosystems while elucidating metabolic pathways.

David Alan Walker (1928–2012)

His career was marked by creative breakthroughs in isolation and analysis of chloroplast metabolism in vitro and simple but valuable technical advances for measurement of photosynthesis in vivo that remain relevant on a global scale to production of crops and biofuels, as well as plant responses to climate change.

Celebrating the contributions of Govindjee after his retirement: 1999–2020

ABSTRACT Govindjee, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Plant Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign since 1999, is renowned for his pioneering work in the light

The controversy over the minimum quantum requirement for oxygen evolution

The development and course of the controversy and the ultimate resolution in favor of Emerson’s result are explored as the phenomenon of the two-light-reaction, two-pigment-system scheme of photosynthesis came to be understood.

The importance of the photosynthetic Gibbs effect in the elucidation of the Calvin-Benson-Bassham Cycle

It is argued that only mathematical models based on a sound theory are capable of resolving conflicting interpretations and providing a consistent quantitative explanation of the photosynthetic carbon reduction cycle.



in the center of the photo, and others, congratulating Andy Benson on his receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Photo, courtesy of Tino Rebeiz
  • 2009

See: http://www.vlpbp.org/LTAAwardBensonCeremonyFinal%2011 2909a.htm Fig. 15 Dee Benson and Andy Benson at their home in La Jolla

  • California. Photo Source
  • 2001