Celebrating 50 years of the cell cycle

  title={Celebrating 50 years of the cell cycle},
  author={Joseph G. Dubrovsky and Victor B. Ivanov},
To round off a year of scientific commemoration, let's raise a glass to Howard and Pelc. 
S Phase Duration Is Determined by Local Rate and Global Organization of Replication
It is shown that the overall time depends on the rate of DNA replication within a region, and on the temporal organization of the regions relative to each other, and is used to explain the variation in S phase length in different tissues and conditions.
New Methods for Cell Cycle Analysis
Cell Cycle Checkpoints in Cancer
  • Medicine
    Rediscovering Cancer: From Mechanism to Therapy
  • 2018
Global analysis of an exponential model of cell proliferation for estimation of cell cycle duration in the root apical meristem of angiosperms.
A global analysis demonstrated that the relationship between the variables V, Nm and l in roots in the steady state of growth is correctly described by the equation T = (ln2 Nm l)V-1, which enables cell cycle duration in the RAM to be rapidly and accurately determined.
Potential Role of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of XRCC1, XRCC3, and RAD51 in Predicting Acute Toxicity in Rectal Cancer Patients Treated With Preoperative Radiochemotherapy
It is suggested that RAD51,XRCC1, and XRCC3 polymorphisms may be predictive factors for radiation-induced acute toxicity in rectal cancer patients treated with preoperative combined therapy.
The origins of the quiescent centre concept.
In plant developmental biology, the concept of quiescent centre is widely taken as an example of a stem cell population which, in this particular case, gives rise to most of root tissues.
RNA packaging and gene delivery using Tobacco mosaic virus pseudo virions
Studies in this dissertation show that by incorporating TMV OAS into an RNA of interest, the RNA can assemble into “pseudo-virions” by the virus coat protein, which protects packaged RNA and provides a means of delivering RNAi constructs into various host cells.


Universal control mechanism regulating onset of M-phase
The onset of M-phase is regulated by a mechanism common to all eukaryotic cells and requires p34cdc2 dephosphorylation and association with cyclin.