Cefodizime (HR221) versus norfloxacin for treatment of urinary tract infections.


Cefodizime is a stable new beta-lactamase cephalosporin chemically related to cefotaxime and with a long half-life. Its clinical efficacy and tolerability were compared with those of norfloxacin in patients with intercurrent urinary tract infections plus chronic liver diseases. Cefodizime (2 g, once a day, i.v.) and norfloxacin (400 mg, twice a day, p.o.) were randomly given to two groups of 20 patients each with urinary tract infections caused by organisms sensitive in vitro to these drugs. Cultures of midstream bladder urine, urinalysis and blood biochemical tests were performed before and after each antibiotic treatment. Clinical resolution was observed in 100% of the patients at the end of the treatments, but bacteriological eradication was obtained in 90% of the patients treated with cefodizime and 85% of those treated with norfloxacin, because of the development in five patients of asymptomatic bacteriuria (superinfections).

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