Cecal volvulus in cerebral palsy: Report of a case


A rare case of cecal volvulus in cerebral palsy that was preoperatively diagnosed and surgically treated without complications is herein reported. A 45-year old man, who had been treated for cerebral palsy as a result of a neonatal cerebral hemorrhage, was admitted to our hospital because of abdominal pain and vomiting. A plain abdominal X-ray film showed evidence of a huge quantity of gas in the left abdomen. Using a gastrographin enema from the colonoscope, an obstruction of the ascending colon was revealed with tapering of the lumen. A computed tomography scan showed a grossly dilated air-distended bowel in the left abdomen and soft tissue with internal architecture containing swirling strands of soft tissue and fat attenuation. An emergency laparotomy was performed. During the laparotomy the ileocecal region, which was unfixed at the retroperitoneum, was found to be twisted counterclockwise by 360° around the mesentery with the terminal ileum, thus resulting in a diagnosis of cecal volvulus. We therefore conducted an ileocecal resection. Cecal volvulus is an uncommon form of intestinal obstruction with a high mortality rate and may present considerable difficulty in diagnosis. Although cecal volvulus is rare as a cause of intestinal obstruction, it should be included in the differential diagnosis of bowel obstruction in cerebral palsy.

DOI: 10.1007/s00595-007-3581-x

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