Cecal vitamin bezoar formation inducing abdominal discomfort.


OBJECTIVE To document a case of cecal lecithin-vitamin B12 bezoar formation inducing abdominal discomfort. DESIGN Case study. SETTING 500-bed, community teaching hospital. PATIENT 81-year-old man with a history of multiple abdominal surgeries who presented with a chief complaint of abdominal pain. Flat plate X-ray of the abdomen revealed multiple capsule-shaped objects lodged in the cecum. INTERVENTIONS Catharsis with bisacodyl, magnesium citrate, NaCl 0.9%; dissolution with heated, dilute barium administered rectally in conjunction with external manipulation; laparotomy. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES None planned; dissolution or transit of bezoar through gastrointestinal tract desired outcome. RESULTS/DISCUSSION Classification of bezoars and treatment discussed in relation to this case report. CONCLUSIONS Medicinal agents have been implicated in bezoar formation. Treatment options have included: cathartics, heated solvent enemas, and external manipulation and surgery.

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