Cecal dilatation and volvulus in dairy cows: 84 cases (1977-1983).

  title={Cecal dilatation and volvulus in dairy cows: 84 cases (1977-1983).},
  author={Susan Lawson Fubini and Hollis Nancy Erb and W C Rebhun and Dominic Horne},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={189 1},
The records of 84 cows with cecal dilatation or cecal volvulus were reviewed. The diagnosis was made by exploratory laparotomy or necropsy in 21 cows with cecal dilatation, and in 45 cows with cecal volvulus. Eighteen of the cows with cecal dilatation responded to medical management and the diagnosis was made by physical examination alone. The most useful criteria for determining that surgery was necessary were the presence of a high heart rate, apparent abdominal pain, scant or absence of… CONTINUE READING
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