Cease-Fires, Truces, and Armistices In the Practice of the UN Security Council

  title={Cease-Fires, Truces, and Armistices In the Practice of the UN Security Council},
  author={Sydney Dawson Bailey},
  journal={American Journal of International Law},
  pages={461 - 473}
  • S. Bailey
  • Published 1 July 1977
  • Political Science, History
  • American Journal of International Law
There is no question that there has been confusion about the precise meaning of the terms cease-fire, truce, and armistice. The oldest term is truce, which in the Middle Ages usually had a religious connotation as in the phrase “Truce of God.” Hugo Grotius used truce to mean an agreement by which warlike acts are for a time abstained from, though the state of war continues—“a period of rest in war, not a peace.” If hostilities were resumed after a truce, according to Grotius, there would be no… 
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