Cdk5 Phosphorylation of FAK Regulates Centrosome-Associated Microtubules and Neuronal Migration

  title={Cdk5 Phosphorylation of FAK Regulates Centrosome-Associated Microtubules and Neuronal Migration},
  author={Zhigang Xie and Li-Huei Tsai},
  journal={Cell Cycle},
  pages={105 - 108}
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FAK phosphorylation sites mapped by mass spectrometry
The protein tyrosine kinase, focal adhesion kinase (FAK), is a central regulator of integrin-mediated signaling in focal adhesions, adhesive structures that mediate attachment of cells to the extracellular space.
Achaete-scute homologue-1 (ASH1) stimulates migration of lung cancer cells through Cdk5/p35 pathway
The data suggest that Cdk5 and its activator p35 promote lung cancer cell migration through hASH1-mediated signaling.
Actin Cytoskeletal Regulation in Neuronal Migration
This chapter discusses current insights into the role and regulation of F-actin dynamics in the steps required for neuronal migration.
Dynamin as a mover and pincher during cell migration and invasion
The large GTPase dynamin, long known for its role in endocytosis, has most recently been implicated as a facilitator of cell migration and invasion, and new findings provide exciting directions for studies of this ubiquitous and diverse protein family.
Cdk5: A regulator of epithelial cell adhesion and migration.
Experiments with epithelial cell lines indicate that Cdk5 activity exerts its effects by limiting Src activity in regions where Rho activity is required for stress fiber contraction and by phosphorylating the talin head to stabilize nascent focal adhesions.
Cell adhesion is a fundamental property of epithelial cells, required for anchoring, migration and survival. During cell migration, the formation and disruption of adhesion sites is stringently
FAK regulates dynein localisation and cell polarity in migrating mouse fibroblasts
Dynein has been proposed to regulate the position of the centrosome by exerting pulling forces on microtubules from the cell leading edge, where the motor is enriched during migration.
Cdk5: Mediator of neuronal development, death and the response to DNA damage
This review discusses the recent progress regarding the regulation and roles of Cdk5 under physiological conditions, and its dysregulation under pathological conditions, especially in neuronal death mediated by DNA damage.
Neuronal migration and protein kinases
The formation of the six-layered structure of the mammalian cortex via the inside-out pattern of neuronal migration is fundamental to neocortical functions and the roles of protein kinases in neuronal migration are given.
HEF1-Aurora A Interactions: Points of Dialog between the Cell Cycle and Cell Attachment Signaling Networks
It is suggested that defects in components of the machinery specifying the temporal and spatial integration of cell division may induce cancer and other diseases through pleiotropic effects on cell migration, proliferation, apoptosis, and genomic stability.