Cd44 Enhances Neuregulin Signaling by Schwann Cells

  title={Cd44 Enhances Neuregulin Signaling by Schwann Cells},
  author={Larry S. Sherman and Tilat A. Rizvi and Saikumar Karyala and Nancy Ratner},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={1071 - 1084}
We describe a key role for the CD44 transmembrane glycoprotein in Schwann cell-neuron interactions. CD44 proteins have been implicated in cell adhesion and in the presentation of growth factors to high affinity receptors. We observed high CD44 expression in early rat neonatal nerves at times when Schwann cells proliferate but low expression in adult nerves, where CD44 was found in some nonmyelinating Schwann cells and to varying extents in some myelinating fibers. CD44 constitutively associated… CONTINUE READING


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