Cavity optomechanics with stoichiometric SiN films.

  title={Cavity optomechanics with stoichiometric SiN films.},
  author={Daniel J. Wilson and Cindy A. Regal and Scott B Papp and H. Jeff Kimble},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={103 20},
We study high-stress SiN films for reaching the quantum regime with mesoscopic oscillators connected to a room-temperature thermal bath, for which there are stringent requirements on the oscillators' quality factors and frequencies. Our SiN films support mechanical modes with unprecedented products of mechanical quality factor Q(m) and frequency nu(m) reaching Q(m)nu(m) approximately or = 2 x 10(13) Hz. The SiN membranes exhibit a low optical absorption characterized by Im(n) < or approximately… CONTINUE READING
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