Cavity-modified collective Rayleigh scattering of two atoms.

  title={Cavity-modified collective Rayleigh scattering of two atoms.},
  author={R. Reimann and W. Alt and T. Kampschulte and Tobias Macha and L. Ratschbacher and N. Thau and S. Yoon and D. Meschede},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={114 2},
We report on the observation of cooperative radiation of exactly two neutral atoms strongly coupled to the single mode field of an optical cavity, which is close to the lossless-cavity limit. Monitoring the cavity output power, we observe constructive and destructive interference of collective Rayleigh scattering for certain relative distances between the two atoms. Because of cavity backaction onto the atoms, the cavity output power for the constructive two-atom case (N=2) is almost equal to… Expand
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