Cavity Optomechanics

  title={Cavity Optomechanics},
  author={Markus Aspelmeyer and Tobias J. Kippenberg and Florian Marquardt},
We review the field of cavity optomechanics, which explores the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and nanoor micromechanical motion. This review covers the basics of optical cavities and mechanical resonators, their mutual optomechanical interaction mediated by the radiation pressure force, the large variety of experimental systems which exhibit this interaction, optical measurements of mechanical motion, dynamical backaction amplification and cooling, nonlinear dynamics, multimode… Expand
Tunable multicolor optomechanically induced transparency in multi-cavity optomechanical system
We theoretically investigate the dynamics of a driven optomechanical cavity-arrays coupled to a charged nanomechanical resonator via Coulomb interaction. We focus specifically on the optomechanicalExpand
Optomechanical cooling with intracavity squeezed light.
It is demonstrated that the cooling efficiency of a mechanical resonator in the presence of a degenerate optical parametric amplifier within the optomechanical cavity is significantly enhanced via the coherent suppression of Stokes scattering. Expand
Dispersive and dissipative optomechanical coupling in heterogeneously integrated 2D photonic crystal system
We report on optomechanical effects in 2D photonic crystal defect cavities coupled to integrated silicon waveguides of different widths. Mechanical modes are observed systematically on a chip scale.Expand
Optomechanical Platform for Probing Two-Dimensional Quantum Fluids
In this chapter we present a paradigm of cavity optomechanics with thin films of superfluid helium. Two-dimensional superfluid films offer a number of desirable properties for both optomechanicalExpand
Micropillar Resonators for Optomechanics in the Extremely High 19-95-GHz Frequency Range.
GaAs/AlAs micropillar cavities fully confine not only photons but also extremely high frequency acoustic phonons, together with record room-temperature Q-frequency products of 10^{14}. Expand
Ground-state cooling and photon antibunching in cavity optomechanical systems
Cavity optomechanics aims at understanding the radiation pressure induced interaction between photons and mechanical motion in a cavity. The radiation pressure force, arising due to the momentumExpand
Quantum optomechanics without the radiation pressure force noise.
This Letter proposes a new method to eliminate the quantum radiation pressure force noise in optomechanics at frequencies much smaller than the resonance frequency of the optomechanical mirror. WithExpand
Controllable coherent optical response in a ring cavity optomechanical system
Abstract We theoretically present a ring cavity optomechanical system including four interactions which are two optomechanical coupling with coupling strength G 1 and G 2 , the interaction of the twoExpand
Optomechanics in superfluid helium coupled to a fiber-based cavity
Presented in this paper are measurements of an optomechanical device in which various acoustic modes of a sample of superfluid helium couple to a fiber-based optical cavity. In contrast with recentExpand
Brillouin optomechanics in nanophotonic structures
The interaction between light and mesoscopic mechanical degrees of freedom has been investigated under various perspectives, from spectroscopy in condensed matter, optical tweezer particle trapping,Expand


Cavity optomechanics and optical frequency comb generation with silica whispering-gallery-mode microresonators
In this thesis, I report on the exploration of non-linear optical phenomena in silica whispering gallery mode (WGM) microcavities. In particular, optomechanical interactions, and the generation ofExpand
Optical trapping and manipulation of neutral particles using lasers.
  • A. Ashkin
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1997
Early developments in the field leading to the demonstration of cooling and trapping of neutral atoms in atomic physics and to the first use of optical tweezers traps in biology are reviewed. Expand
Systems with Small Dissipation
Electromagnetic and mechanical oscillators are crucial in such diverse fields as electrical engineering, microwave technology, optical technology, and experimental physics. For example, suchExpand
Exploring the Quantum: Atoms, Cavities, and Photons.
1. Unveiling the quantum 2. Strangeness and power of the quantum 3. Of spins and springs 4. The environment is watching 5. Photons in a box 6. Seeing light in subtle ways 7. Taming Schrodinger's catsExpand
Quantum (Un)speakables: From Bell to Quantum Information
This outstanding collection of essays leads the reader from the foundations of quantum mechanics to quantum entanglement, quantum cryptography, and quantum information, and is written for all thoseExpand
Sensors and actuators
The history of attitude sensor development has emphasized increased resolution and accuracy as well as decreased size, weight, and power (often abbreviated as SWaP). Expand
Cavity optomechanics and optical frequency
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