Cavitation of a submerged jet

  title={Cavitation of a submerged jet},
  author={Michael M. Wright and Brenden P. Epps and Amanda Dropkin and Tadd T. Truscott},
  journal={Experiments in Fluids},
  • Michael M. Wright, Brenden P. Epps, +1 author Tadd T. Truscott
  • Published 2013
  • Physics
  • Experiments in Fluids
  • A cavitation cloud forms when a high-pressure water jet is submerged in a tank of quiescent water. The water jet is formed as high-pressure nitrogen forces a fixed-volume column of water through a nozzle. The diameter and exit velocity of the water jet affect the behavior and geometry of the resulting cavitation. The relationships between the Reynolds number of the flow and the measured cloud geometry, propagation distance, pulsation frequency, and front velocity are presented. The distance a… CONTINUE READING

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