Caviomorph placentation as a model for trophoblast invasion.

  title={Caviomorph placentation as a model for trophoblast invasion.},
  author={Andrea Maria Mess and N Zaki and Mamed Kadyrov and Hubert Korr and Peter Kaufmann},
  volume={28 11-12},
The guinea pig and its relatives are promising candidates as animal models for studying trophoblast invasion. The origin, migration routes and kinetics of invasive trophoblast cells were examined in two caviomorph species. Histology and immunohistochemistry were done on placentas from 38 guinea pigs of days 20-47 and 13 degus of days 25-51 of gestation. BrdU was used as an in vivo marker for proliferation and for tracing of migration routes in the placenta; it was injected 24h to 15 days before… CONTINUE READING

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