Cavernous sinus surgery: a nursing challenge.

  • S L Polinsky
  • Published 1992 in
    The Journal of neuroscience nursing : journal of…


Nurses caring for patients undergoing cavernous sinus surgery must possess an indepth knowledge of not only the nervous system but of other systems as well. A thorough understanding of the various diagnostic procedures utilized with this patient population is also essential. Unique assessment and intervention approaches are required. Neurological assessment is focused toward level of consciousness, cranial nerve II-XII function and motor and cognitive abilities. Respiratory interventions are centered toward airway patency. Additional nutritional assistance is often necessary to ensure the patient maintains an optimal level of nutritional intake. Incisional care is essential in determining any signs of infection or cerebrospinal fluid leakage. The psychological care of both the patient and the family is also crucial to the patient's recovery. Follow-up care and teaching are essential to achieving an optimal quality of life.

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