Caveolin is present in intestinal cells: role in cholesterol trafficking?

  title={Caveolin is present in intestinal cells: role in cholesterol trafficking?},
  author={F. Jeffrey Field and E. A. van den Born and S. Vasudev Murthy and Satya N. Mathur},
  journal={Journal of lipid research},
  volume={39 10},
It was postulated that specialized microdomains of the plasma membrane, consistent with caveolae, might play a role in cholesterol trafficking in intestinal cells. The existence, therefore, of caveolin and the role of detergent-resistant microdomains of the plasma membrane in cholesterol trafficking were investigated in human small intestine and CaCo-2 cells. Caveolin mRNA was detected by RT-PCR in small intestinal brushings and biopsies and in CaCo-2 cells. Northern hybridization of caveolin… CONTINUE READING


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