Cave biosignature suites: microbes, minerals, and Mars.

  title={Cave biosignature suites: microbes, minerals, and Mars.},
  author={Penelope J. Boston and Michael N. Spilde and Diana E. Northup and Leslie A. Melim and Douglas S Soroka and Lynn G. Kleina and K H Lavoie and L D Hose and Lawrence M. Mallory and Clifford N. Dahm and Laura J. Crossey and Rachel T Schelble},
  volume={1 1},
Earth's subsurface offers one of the best possible sites to search for microbial life and the characteristic lithologies that life leaves behind. The subterrain may be equally valuable for astrobiology. Where surface conditions are particularly hostile, like on Mars, the subsurface may offer the only habitat for extant lifeforms and access to recognizable biosignatures. We have identified numerous unequivocally biogenic macroscopic, microscopic, and chemical/geochemical cave biosignatures… CONTINUE READING
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