Cav1.3 (alpha1D) Ca2+ currents in neonatal outer hair cells of mice.

  title={Cav1.3 (alpha1D) Ca2+ currents in neonatal outer hair cells of mice.},
  author={Marcus Michna and Martina Knirsch and J C Hoda and Stefan Muenkner and Patricia Langer and Josef Platzer and J{\~o}rg Striessnig and Jutta Engel},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={553 Pt 3},
Outer hair cells (OHC) serve as electromechanical amplifiers that guarantee the unique sensitivity and frequency selectivity of the mammalian cochlea. It is unknown whether the afferent fibres connected to adult OHCs are functional. If so, voltage-activated Ca2+ channels would be required for afferent synaptic transmission. In neonatal OHCs, Ca2+ channels seem to play a role in maturation since OHCs from Cav1.3-deficient (Cav1.3-/-) mice degenerate shortly after the onset of hearing. We… CONTINUE READING


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