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Causes of gross rectal bleeding in children : (a review of sixty-eight cases)

  title={Causes of gross rectal bleeding in children : (a review of sixty-eight cases)},
  author={Gale W. Miller},



A Clinical Study of Ulcerative Colitis

To the Editor: —Your commendatory editorial in the Aug 11 issue ofThe Journal( 181 :549) entitled "A Clinical Study of Ulcerative Colitis" is somewhat surprising. The authors of the article

Polyps of the Colon and Rectum in Children

  • T. Gowin
  • Medicine
    Southern medical journal
  • 1961
Though polyps of the large bowel occur only rarely in childhood, they may give rise to clear-cut symptoms which, however, are not diagnostic thus pointing up the matter of diagnosis. Management is

Incarcerated and strangulated inguinal hernia in infants: a preventable risk.

In 1940 Dr. William E. Ladd summarized his many years of experience with inguinal hernias in infants and children and indicated that in the absence of intercurrent disease he had operated on these

A clinical study of ulcerative colitis.

This work studied all of the ulcerative colitis patients on the gastrointestinal service as well as two of the general medical wards over a 3-yr period, finding that the "referral" system for the ulcers tended to give a representative sample of such patients admitted to Wadsworth Hospital.

Polyposis of the colon in children.

Massive gastrointestinal bleeding; study of two hundred ninety-six patients at City Hospital of Cleveland.

Records of patients admitted to City Hospital of Cleveland because of gastrointestinal bleeding between the years 1941 and 1951 inclusive were reviewed and analyzed and interpretation of data concerning massive gastrointestinal hemorrhage must be qualified by a definition of the term.