Causes of death in schizophrenia and manic-depression.

  title={Causes of death in schizophrenia and manic-depression.},
  author={Ming T. Tsuang and Robert Francis Woolson and Jonathan A E Fleming},
  journal={The British journal of psychiatry : the journal of mental science},
Causes of death were studied in a cohort of 200 schizophrenic, 100 manic, and 225 depressive patients who were followed in a historical prospective study. These patients were admitted between 1934 and 1944 and were studied 30 to 40 years later. Five cause of death categories were considered in this analysis: (1) unnatural deaths, (2) neoplasms, (3) diseases of the circulatory system, (4) infective and parasitic diseases, and (5) other causes. For each cause of death, the expected number of… CONTINUE READING