[Causes of death in liver cirrhosis patients seen on an outpatient basis].


The immediate cause of death were studied in 122 patients with cirrhosis of liver, out of 236 patients with cirrhosis of liver under follow-up care observation in the course of 12 years. The average age of the deceased is 53,8 years, with a ratio males: females--2,3:1. The deceased were grouped according to the type of liver cirrhosis as follows: micronodular--63,1%, macronodular--15,6%, mixed--9,8%, primary biliary--6,6%, hemochromatosis--, 4,1% and the disease of Wilson--Konovalov--0,81%. Decompensated stage of cirrhosis was established in 77,9% from the deceased at the last examination and compensated--21,1%. Immediate cause for the death in the summed up group cirrhoses is: hepatic coma in 42,2%, acute hemorrhage with or without coma--32,3%, other causes--18,9%. Degeneration of liver cirrhosis into cancer was established in 9,01%. Cirrhosis degenerated more frequently in males. Hemochromatosis and micronodular cirrhosis are the ones that most frequently degenerated.

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