Causes of adult female mortality in Al Ain district, United Arab Emirates.


In the Gulf countries, published data on adult mortality are limited. In the United Arab Emirates, adult plus elderly women make up 23% of the population. This study aimed at documenting trends in the levels and causes of adult female mortality in Al Ain district of the United Arab Emirates over a 10 year period 1984-93, thus filling a gap in the published reports and providing relevant data to public health officials for programmatic action. Methods: Information from the vital registration system was used. Data from death certificates related to deaths ofwomen over the age of 15 years in Al Ain District for the 10 years were evaluated. Causes of death were coded using the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.' Proportional mortality ratios (PMR) were calculated for various categories ofcauses ofdeath. Descriptive analyses were done using EPI INFO Version 5. The X2 test for association and the x2 test for trend were used, where appropriate. Student's t test and analysis of variance were used for comparison of means. Results: During the 10 years, 1036 deaths of women aged 15 years and above were registered in Al Ain District. Eighty three per cent of these deaths were from non-communicable diseases, 9.5% injuries, 6-9% infections, and 0-96% reproductive causes (table). There was an increasing trend in the PMR for noncommunicable diseases and a decreasing trend for infections (p<0 01). Diseases of the circulatory system were the most common causes of death (26 2%), followed by malignant neoplasms (22%), ill defined conditions (19-4%), and injuries 9 5%. Most common sites for malignancies included the breast (17-3%), stomach (9 7%), lymphoid+haematopoietic (9 3%), cervix (8 4%), and lungs 5-3%. In 8-8% of the malignancies the site was not stated. Sixty two per cent of the fatal injuries

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