Causes of Time and Cost Overrun: A Case Study of Health Sector Projects in Peshawar, KP

  title={Causes of Time and Cost Overrun: A Case Study of Health Sector Projects in Peshawar, KP},
  author={Muhammad Adeel Zaffar and Shahnawaz Khan and Waqar Ahmad},
Public sector projects in KP suffer time delays leading to years of delay and cost overrun of over Rs25 billion, surprisingly close to half of this amount i.e. 11.2 billion is reported in the health sector projects in KP. This paper, therefore, explores factors leading to time and cost overrun in the construction and IT projects of Health Department Peshawar, Government of KPK, Pakistan. To explore the causes of cost and time overrun, the study utilized Yin’s case study model thus collecting… 

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