Causes and types of complete denture fracture

  • Published 2011


Background and objectives: determine the causes and types of complete denture fractures. Methods: The study was performed in the Hawler medical university, college of Dentistry Department of Prosthodontics. The number of fractured complete denture collected was 290 from patients aged 35-80 years of both genders. The (causes of denture fracture, the type of fracture and the history of previous recurrent fractures) were recorded. Results: : The main cause of denture fracture was poor fitting (40%), followed by poor occlusal relation (21%). Midline fracture was the commonest type of fracture (59%). From the study (51%) of the dentures had previously been repaired once or more. The ratio of lower to upper complete denture fractures was approximately 3:1; most of the fractured dentures (56%) were those of males. Conclusion: The causes of the fracture were divided into material factors and clinical/ technical factors. Denture fractures can be reduced by following prosthodontic principles, analyzing proper fit, eliminating occlusal interferences and using high impact polymers or metal reinforced.

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