[Causes and results of repeated videothoracoscopy].


For 7 years videothoracoscopies for diseases and traumas of the chest were fulfilled in 2075 patients, abscessoscopy in 27 patients. Repeated videothoracoscopies were fulfilled in 41 (2%) patients operated for spontaneous pneumothorax, pleural empyema, exudative pleurisy and injuries to the chest due to recurrent hydropneumothorasx, prolonged abundant release by drainage, bleedings by drainage or formation of clotted hemothorax, not effectiveness of sanation, of the empyema cavity, reabscessoscopy - in 2 patients. Revideothoracoscopies were divided into groups with the presence of drainages or removed drainages according to the terms - into emergent (on the first day, immediately after the development of complications), urgent (from 2 to5 days), postponed (from 6 to 15 days), and late (more than 15 days). In 4 cases the conversion to minithoracotomy had to be done due to continuing bleeding, the absence of lung hermetism. All patients with spontaneous pneumothorax, pleuritis and chest trauma recovered. Lethal outcome was in 1 (2.4%) case from lung artery thromboembolism. It was concluded that revideothoracoscopy was an alternative thoracotomy of full value in reinterventions.

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