Causes and consequences of DNA hypomethylation in human cancer.

  title={Causes and consequences of DNA hypomethylation in human cancer.},
  author={Mich{\`e}le J Hoffmann and Wolfgang A. Schulz},
  journal={Biochemistry and cell biology = Biochimie et biologie cellulaire},
  volume={83 3},
While specific genes are hypermethylated in the genome of cancer cells, overall methylcytosine content is often decreased as a consequence of hypomethylation affecting many repetitive sequences. Hypomethylation is also observed at a number of single-copy genes. While global hypomethylation is highly prevalent across all cancer types, it often displays considerable specificity with regard to tumor type, tumor stage, and sequences affected. Following an overview of hypomethylation alterations in… CONTINUE READING

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