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Causes, effects and solutions to youth unemployment problems in Nigeria

  title={Causes, effects and solutions to youth unemployment problems in Nigeria},
  author={P.S.O. Uddin},
  journal={Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences},
  • P. Uddin
  • Published 1 August 2013
  • Economics
  • Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences
The purpose of this paper is to look into the causes, effects and solutions to youth unemployment problems in Nigeria. The rate at which unemployed graduates roam the street after the National Youth Service constitutes social malice to the country as a whole. The data for this paper was collected from secondary sources using descriptive approach of previous researches and analysis of scholars to gather empirical data. The findings revealed that unemployment in Nigeria among youths are caused by… 

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Democracy as a system of government has been restored in Nigeria for over a decade now, and for it to be stabilized and entrenched, all the stakeholders must be involved. Youths represent a very