Causal cascade in the stock market from the ``infrared'' to the ``ultraviolet''

  title={Causal cascade in the stock market from the ``infrared'' to the ``ultraviolet''},
  author={Alain Arneodo and Jean-François Muzy and Didier Sornette},
  journal={arXiv: Statistical Mechanics},
Modelling accurately financial price variations is an essential step underlying portfolio allocation optimization, derivative pricing and hedging, fund management and trading. The observed complex price fluctuations guide and constraint our theoretical understanding of agent interactions and of the organization of the market. The gaussian paradigm of independent normally distributed price increments has long been known to be incorrect with many attempts to improve it. Econometric nonlinear… 
Quadratic Hawkes processes for financial prices
The QHawkes model is time-reversal asymmetric, similar to financial markets whose time evolution has a preferred direction, and generates a multiplicative, fat-tailed volatility process which is linked to Pearson diffusions in the continuous limit.
Market heterogeneities and the causal structure of volatility
Abstract The correlation between historical and realized volatilities is studied empirically for a large range of time intervals. Similarly, the correlation between the volatility changes and the
On a multi-timescale statistical feedback model for volatility fluctuations
We study, both analytically and numerically, an ARCH-like, multiscale model of volatility, which assumes that the volatility is governed by the observed past price changes on different time scales.
Essays on Commodity Price Shocks, Bank Risk and Market Volatility Forecasting
My dissertation has three main chapters. Chapter 2 develops a structural dynamic factor model that estimates the effects of commodity price shocks on the Canadian macroeconomy, bank lending and bank
Volatility Stylized Facts
This paper investigates a variety of features exhibited by the amplitude of stock returns. Some of these "stylized facts" have already attracted a great deal of attention from researchers, while some
Multiple Investment Horizons and Stock Price Dynamics
Market prices of risky assets are driven by the actions of economic agents that have different investment horizons: they adjust their portfolios at various frequencies and observe returns at
Parameter estimation and forecasting for multiplicative log-normal cascades.
  • A. E. Leövey, T. Lux
  • Mathematics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2012
A more rigorous generalized method of moments (GMM) estimation procedure to cope with the documented difficulties of previous methodologies is developed and it is shown that even under uncertainty about the actual number of cascade steps, the methodology yields very reliable results for the estimated intermittency parameter.
Multi-affine analysis of typical currency exchange rates
Abstract:For foreign currency exchange rates, multi-affine analysis can put quantitatively into evidence the differences between correlated (daily closing market) values and random walks in time
On the Modeling of Financial Time Series
A method of numerical simulation of realizations of MRW using the Circulant Embedding Method is presented and methods of its calibration are discussed.


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