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Causal Influence of Visual Cues on Hippocampal

  title={Causal Influence of Visual Cues on Hippocampal},
  author={Lavanya Acharya and Zahra M. Aghajan and Cliff Vuong and Jason J Moore and M. Mehta},
  • Lavanya Acharya, Zahra M. Aghajan, +2 authors M. Mehta
  • Published 2016
  • Psychology
  • Hippocampal neurons show selectivity with respectto visual cues in primates, including humans, butthis has never been found in rodents. To addressthis long-standing discrepancy, we measured hip-pocampal activity from rodents during real-worldrandom foraging. Surprisingly, 25% of neuronsexhibited significant directional modulation withrespect to visual cues. To dissociate the contribu-tions of visual and vestibular cues, we made similarmeasurements in virtual reality, in which only visualcues… CONTINUE READING


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