Cationization of heparin for film applications.

  title={Cationization of heparin for film applications.},
  author={Ivan {\vS}imkovic and Raniero Mendichi and Ivan Kelnar and Jaroslav Filip and Milo{\vs} Hricov{\'i}ni},
  journal={Carbohydrate polymers},
Trimethylammonium-2-hydroxypropyl-(TMAHP) spacer was introduced into heparin (H) and the prepared films were characterized by elemental analysis, NMR, SEC-MALS, TG/DTG/DTA, AFM and mechanical tester. When quaternized at the ratio of H/NaOH/alkylating agent/H2O=0.1-1/0-2/0.1-1/50-500 mmol, H was substituted at A6 and A3 positions. The formation of double… CONTINUE READING