Cation-dependent structural features of beta-casein-(1-25).

  title={Cation-dependent structural features of beta-casein-(1-25).},
  author={Keith J Cross and Noorjahan Laila Huq and W Bicknell and Eric C Reynolds},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={356 Pt 1},
Complete sequence-specific, proton-resonance assignments have been determined for the calcium phosphate-stabilizing tryptic peptide beta-casein-(1-25) containing the phosphorylated sequence motif Ser(P)(17)-Ser(P)-Ser(P)-Glu-Glu(21). Spectra of the peptide have been recorded, in separate experiments, in the presence of excess ammonium ions, sodium ions and calcium ions, and of the dephosphorylated peptide in the presence of excess sodium ions. We observed significant changes to chemical shifts… CONTINUE READING

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