Cathelicidins: a family of endogenous antimicrobial peptides.

  title={Cathelicidins: a family of endogenous antimicrobial peptides.},
  author={Robert I. Lehrer and Tomas Ganz},
  journal={Current opinion in hematology},
  volume={9 1},
The cytoplasmic granules of mammalian neutrophils contain several antimicrobial peptides. Some, like defensins, are fully processed before storage, whereas others are stored as precursors that require additional processing. Cathelicidins are bipartite molecules with an N-terminal cathelin domain and an antimicrobial C-terminal domain. Humans apparently have only one cathelicidin gene. Its product, hCAP-18, is present in the secondary (specific) granules of neutrophils, and its C-terminal… CONTINUE READING


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