Categorification of the Catalan monoid

  title={Categorification of the Catalan monoid},
  author={Anna-Louise Grensing and Volodymyr Mazorchuk},
  journal={Semigroup Forum},
We construct a finitary additive 2-category whose Grothendieck ring is isomorphic to the semigroup algebra of the monoid of order-decreasing and order-preserving transformations of a finite chain. 
Finitary 2-categories associated with dual projection functors
We study finitary 2-categories associated to dual projection functors for finite dimensional associative algebras. In the case of path algebras of admissible tree quivers (which includes all Dynkin
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Motivated by the appearance of multisemigroups in the study of additive 2-categories, we define and investigate the notion of a multisemigroup with multiplicities. This notion seems to be well suited
Diagrams and discrete extensions for finitary 2-representations
  • A. Chan, V. Mazorchuk
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
  • 2017
This paper introduces and investigates the notions of diagrams and discrete extensions in the study of finitary 2-representations of finitarian 2-categories.
Cell structure of bimodules over radical square zero Nakayama algebras
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Bimodules over uniformly oriented A n quivers with radical square zero
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Representation Theory of Order-Related Monoids of Partial Functions as Locally Trivial Category Algebras
  • Itamar Stein
  • Mathematics
    Algebras and Representation Theory
  • 2019
In this paper we study the representation theory of three monoids of partial functions on an n-set. The monoid of all order-preserving functions (i.e., functions satisfying f(x) ≤ f(y) if x ≤ y) the


Triangulated categories in the representation theory of finite dimensional algebras
Preface 1. Triangulated categories 2. Repetitive algebras 3. Tilting theory 4. Piecewise hereditary algebras 5. Trivial extension algebras References Index.
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This is a write-up of the lectures given by the author during the Master Class "Categorification" at {\AA}rhus University, Denmark in October 2010.
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In this paper, we define and study what we call the double Catalan monoid. This monoid is the image of a natural map from the 0-Hecke monoid to the monoid of binary relations. We show that the double