Categories of Space and of Quantity

  title={Categories of Space and of Quantity},
  author={F. William Lawvere},
0. The ancient and honorable role of philosophy as a servant to the learning, development and use of scientific knowledge, though sadly underdeveloped since Grassmann, has been re-emerging from within the particular science of mathematics due to the latter's internal need; making this relationship more explicit (as well as further investigating the reasons for the decline) will, it is hoped, help to germinate the seeds of a brighter future for philosophy as well as help to guide the much wider… 
Foundations and Philosophy
This work will explore the connection between foundations and philosophy, outline what is distinctive about the logic of UF, and then describe new philosophical theses one can express in terms of this new logic.
Lautman and the Reality of Mathematics
Working in he 1930s, Albert Lautman described with extraordinary clarity the new understanding of mathematics of that time. He delighted in the multiple manifestations of a common idea in different
Unity and identity of opposites in calculus and physics
The description in engineering mechanics of continuous bodies that can undergo cracking is clarified by an example involving lattices, raising a new questions about the foundations of topology.
Taking Cognition Seriously: A generalised physics of cognition
This work shows that by considering a highly-compact cognitive system, there are fundamental physical trade-offs resulting in a utility problem, and proposes some requirements for ”cognitive categories”, before investigating the phenomenona of topological defects in gauge fields over conceptual spaces.
Grassmann’s Dialectics and Category Theory
In several key connections in his foundations of geometrical algebra, Grassmann makes significant use of the dialectical philosophy of 150 years ago. Now, after fifty years of development of category
Towards An Approach to Hilbert's Sixth Problem: A Brief Review
In 1900 David Hilbert published his famous list of 23 problems. The sixth of them-the axiomatization of Physics-remains partially unsolved. In this work we will give a gentle introduction and a brief
Volterra's functionals and covariant cohesion of space
Volterra’s principle of passage from finiteness to infinity is far less limited than a linearized construal of it might suggest; I outline in Section III a nonlinear version of the principle with the
Hard, Harder, and the Hardest Problem: The Society of Cognitive Selves
The hard problem of consciousness is explicating how moving matter becomes thinking matter. Harder yet is the problem of spelling out the mutual determinations of individual experiences and the
Meaning and duality : from categorical logic to quantum physics
Categorical universal logic is developed on the basis of Lawvere’s hyperdoctrine and Hyland-Johnstone-Pitts’ tripos, thereby expanding the realm of (first-order/higher-order) categorical logic so as to encompass, inter alia, classical, intuitionistic, quantum, fuzzy, relevant, and linear logics.
Mathematical Lives: Protagonists of the Twentieth Century from Hilbert to Wiles
Preface.- Hilbert's Problems. A Research Program for Future Generations: U.Bottazzini.-The Way We Were. The Protagonists of the "Italian Spring" in the First Decades of the Twentieth Century:


Metric spaces, generalized logic, and closed categories
SuntoIn questo articolo viene rigorosamente sviluppata l'analogia fra dist (a, b)+dist (b, c)≥dist (a, c) e hom (A, B) ⊗ hom (B, C)→ hom (A, C), giungendo a numerosi risultati generali sugli spazi
  • F. W. Lawvere
  • Philosophy
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1964
Received by the editors 2005-04-01, Transmitted by M. Hyland, A. Kock, R. Rosebrugh 2005-05-23.
Duality for groups
If F is known to be free, with generators gi, /3 may be constructed by setting j3g; = &», with bi so chosen that pbi = agi. Conversely, let F have the cited property and represent F as a quotient
Dimension and Euler Characteristic
  • Proceedings of 1990 Como International Category Theory Meeting, Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics
  • 1991
Naturally Mal'cev Categories
  • Proceedings of 1990 Como International Conference on Category Theory
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Affine Categories
  • Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra,
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On the Complete Lattice of Essential Localizations
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