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Categorical Hopfield Networks

  title={Categorical Hopfield Networks},
  author={Matilde Marcolli},
This paper discusses a simple and explicit toy-model example of the categorical Hopfield equations introduced in previous work of Manin and the author. These describe dynamical assignments of resources to networks, where resources are objects in unital symmetric monoidal categories and assignments are realized by summing functors. The special case discussed here is based on computational resources (computational models of neurons) as objects in a category of DNNs, with a simple choice of the… 


Topological Model of Neural Information Networks
This is a brief overview of an ongoing research project, involving topological models of neural information networks and the development of new versions of associated information measures that can be
Resource convertibility and ordered commutative monoids
  • T. Fritz
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical Structures in Computer Science
  • 2015
This work develops a general mathematical toolbox for the convertibility of resources into other ones and the possibility of combining resources, and derives a wealth of results which should have applications to concrete resource theories, such as a formula for rates of conversion.
Backprop as Functor: A compositional perspective on supervised learning
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The classical innite loopspace machines in fact induce an equivalence of categories between a localization of the category of symmetric monoidal categories and the stable homotopy category of
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The Algebra of Directed Acyclic Graphs
  • M. Fiore, M. Campos
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Computation, Logic, Games, and Quantum Foundations
  • 2013
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Operads and PROPs
Control and Composability in Deep Learning — Brief Overview by a Learner
  • A. Ganchev
  • Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics
  • 2020