Catecholamine release in human skin--a microdialysis study.

  title={Catecholamine release in human skin--a microdialysis study.},
  author={Stefan Leis and Sonja Drenkhahn and Christoph H. Schick and Carsten Arnolt and Martin Schmelz and F. Birklein and Andreas Bickel},
  journal={Experimental neurology},
  volume={188 1},
Dermal microdialysis might be a promising tool to investigate properties of sympathetic neurons in the skin as investigation of peripheral noradrenergic neurons in humans usually relies on highly variable vasoconstrictor reflexes or on indirect measurements like skin temperature recordings. To evaluate this technique, 21 experiments were performed in 15 healthy subjects with four intracutaneous microdialysis fibers (diameter, 200 microm; cutoff, 5 kDa) at hands or feet. After 60 min, saline… CONTINUE READING
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