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  • Published 2014

Catechesis, baptism, eschatology, and martyrdom

  title={Catechesis, baptism, eschatology, and martyrdom},
  author={Everett Ferguson},
Acknowledgments Abbreviations 1 Irenaeus' Proof of the Apostolic Preaching and Early Catechetical Instruction 2 Catechesis and Initiation 3 Christian and Jewish Baptism according to the Epistle of Barnabas 4 Baptism according to Origen 5 The Doctrine of Baptism in Gregory of Nyssa's 'Oratio Catechetica' 6 Exhortations to Baptism in the Cappadocians 7 Basil's Protreptic to Baptism 8 Preaching at Epiphany: Gregory of Nyssa and John Chrysostom on Baptism and the Church 9 Spiritual Circumcision in… CONTINUE READING