Catch-up reproductive maturation in rural Tonga girls, Zambia?

  title={Catch-up reproductive maturation in rural Tonga girls, Zambia?},
  author={Rhonda Gillett-Netting and Melissa Meloy and Benjamin Campbell},
  journal={American journal of human biology : the official journal of the Human Biology Council},
  volume={16 6},
To compare the timing of reproductive maturation among urban and rural Tonga girls in Zambia, anthropometric measures and Tanner stages of breast development were obtained. Subjects were 774 (282 rural, 492 urban) girls ages 6-18. Results indicate that rural girls are shorter and have smaller triceps and subscapular skinfolds than their urban counterparts. Median age at menarche for the entire sample, as estimated by probit analysis, was 14.8 years (95% CL = 14.34-15.40). Onset of breast… CONTINUE READING

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