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Catch 'em all: Effective Leptophilic WIMPs at the $e^+\,e^-$ Collider

  title={Catch 'em all: Effective Leptophilic WIMPs at the \$e^+\,e^-\$ Collider},
  author={Basabendu Barman and Subhaditya Bhattacharya and Sudhakantha Girmohanta and Sahabub Jahedi},
We consider higher dimensional effective operators consisting of fermion dark matter (DM) connecting to Standard Model (SM) leptons upto dimension six. Considering all operators together and assuming the DM to undergo thermal freeze-out, we find out relic density allowed parameter space in terms of DM mass and New Physics (NP) scale with one loop direct search constraints from XENON1T experiment. Allowed parameter space of the model is probed at proposed International Linear Collider (ILC) via… Expand
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