Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of mycoepoxydiene

  title={Catalytic transfer hydrogenation of mycoepoxydiene},
  author={Haiyan Chen and Yong-cheng Lin and Guangying Chen and Guping Hu and Li Wang and Lilian Vrijmoed},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
Catalytic transfer hydrogenation with hydrogenolysis of mycoepoxydiene (1) by ammonium formate/10% Pd-C gave a new compound, deacetylhexahydromycoepoxydiene (2), whose structure was determined by spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction experiments. In the primary bioassay, 1, 2 and hexahydromycoepoxydiene (3) showed anticancer activities against HeLa in vitro. The IC50 (µg/mL) values were 5.5, 50, and >100, respectively.