Catalytic oxidation of gas-phase elemental mercury by nano-Fe2O3.

  title={Catalytic oxidation of gas-phase elemental mercury by nano-Fe2O3.},
  author={Fanhai Kong and Jianrong Qiu and Hao Liu and Ran Zhao and Z. T. Ai},
  journal={Journal of environmental sciences},
  volume={23 4},
Heterogeneous oxidation of gas-phase Hg0 by nano-Fe2O3 was investigated on a fixed bed reactor, and the effects of oxygen concentration, bed temperature, water vapour concentration and particle size have been discussed. The results showed that Hg0 could be oxidized by active oxygen atom on the surface of nano-Fe2O3 as well as lattice oxygen in nano-Fe2O3. Among the factors that affect Hg0 oxidation by nano-Fe2O3, bed temperature plays an important role. More than 40% of total mercury was… CONTINUE READING