Catalytic dechlorination of chlorophenols in water by palladium/iron.

  title={Catalytic dechlorination of chlorophenols in water by palladium/iron.},
  author={Yunhui Liu and Fan Yang and Po Lock Yue and Guang-hao Chen},
  journal={Water research},
  volume={35 8},
Three isomer chlorophenols, o-, m-, p-chlorophenol, were dechlorinated by palladium/iron powder in water through catalytic reduction. The dechlorinated reaction is believed to take place on the surface site of the catalyst in a pseudo-first-order reaction. The reduction product for all the three isomers is phenol. The dechlorination rate increases with increase of bulk loading of palladium due to the increase of both the surface loading of palladium and the total surface area. The molecular… CONTINUE READING

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