Catalytic Reductive Vinylidene Transfer Reactions.


Methylenecyclopropanes are important synthetic intermediates that possess strain energies exceeding those of saturated cyclopropanes by >10 kcal/mol. This report describes a catalytic reductive methylenecyclopropanation reaction of simple olefins, utilizing 1,1-dichloroalkenes as vinylidene precursors. The reaction is promoted by a dinuclear Ni catalyst… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/jacs.7b05901


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@article{Pal2017CatalyticRV, title={Catalytic Reductive Vinylidene Transfer Reactions.}, author={Sudipta Pal and You-Yun Zhou and Christopher Uyeda}, journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society}, year={2017}, volume={139 34}, pages={11686-11689} }