Catalysis over Nanocarbon : Styrene Synthesis and Nh 3 Decomposition

  title={Catalysis over Nanocarbon : Styrene Synthesis and Nh 3 Decomposition},
  author={Jian Zhang and Dang Sheng Su and Robert Schloegl and Fritz Haber and Massimiliano Comotti},
Nanocarbons (graphite, tube, diamond) were used as highly efficient catalyst for styrene synthesis from oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene. Long-time stability and outstanding performance suggested a much more promising future for industrialization of nanocarbon. Metal-free nanocarbons are not highly active for NH3 decomposition while residual metal nanoparticles in commercial CNTs could efficiently catalyze this reaction. Its catalytic performance is comparably high to those of typical… CONTINUE READING