Catalogue of the ctenostylidae (Diptera, schizophora) of the world.


A catalogue of Ctenostylidae of the world is presented comprising 14 described species in seven recognized genera. An unnamed species of Ctenostylum Macquart from Costa Rica is also listed. All valid and invalid names and synonyms are presented, totaling 33 names. All references known to us from the taxonomic and biological literature, including references… (More)
DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3838.2.6


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@article{PereiraColavite2014CatalogueOT, title={Catalogue of the ctenostylidae (Diptera, schizophora) of the world.}, author={A Pereira-Colavite and Ramon Luciano Mello}, journal={Zootaxa}, year={2014}, volume={3838 2}, pages={215-23} }