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Catalogue of the Orthoptera of Greece.

  title={Catalogue of the Orthoptera of Greece.},
  author={F. R. J. Willemse},
On the surrogate value of red-listed butterflies for butterflies and grasshoppers: a case study in Grammos site of Natura 2000, Greece
We tested the surrogate value of butterflies, red-listed butterflies and grasshoppers for each other in terms of diversity patterns congruence and complementarity at a site in the NATURA 2000
Effects of changing grazing systems on the threatened genus Peripodisma (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Melanoplinae) in the Mediterranean mountains of the southern Balkans
This study examined the effects of pastoralism, including cattle grazing, on populations of three species of locally endemic and rare Peripodisma grasshoppers in calcareous grassland mountain
New distribution records of Orthoptera of Greece
The presence of Mogoplistesbrunneus Serville, 1838 at the Aegean Sea is confirmed and sound production in that species is discussed for the first time.
Revision of the genus Bradyporus Charpentier, 1825 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Bradyporinae).
The genus Bradyporus Charpentier is taxonomically revised using information obtained from numerous recently collected specimens, and the IUCN Red List statuses of the species and subspecies are included.
Bioacoustics and Systematics of the Poecilimon hamatus Group (Tettigonioidea: Phaneropteridae: Poecilimon: Hamatopoecilimon n. subg.)
In four of six species the males have been observed to use two types of calling song, obviously connected to the female response behavior, and the reasons for this behavior are discussed, as well as the phylogeny of the group, considering also its biogeography.
Orthoptera and Mantodea fauna of Kazdağı (Ida) National Park with data on the calling songs of some bush-crickets.
The calling songs of Metrioptera arnoldi, Rhacocleis acutangula, Anadolua schwarzi, Isophya cania, and Poecilimon luschani are described here for the first time.
Cicadetta montana complex (Hemiptera, Cicadidae) in Greece - a new species and new records based on bioacoustics
In the mountains of Central Greece and in Epirus, a new species of Cicadetta montana complex has been discovered that is morphologically very similar to other species of this complex but has a characteristic and distinct song.
A catalogue of Orthoptera species collected during 1997 from isolated islets of the northern Dodecanese archipelago, Greece, is presented. Information on related taxonomical aspects and ecological
Additional data towards the knowledge of european Podismini Jacobson, 1905 (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Melanoplinae)
Very similar to P. tymphii Willemse, 1972, and known in the region of Epirus in Greece, up to and slightly beyond the border in Albania, it nevertheless differs from the latter by obvious morphological characters such as the colour of its hind tibia and the shape of the genital plate of the female.
Baseline data for automated acoustic monitoring of Orthoptera in a Mediterranean landscape, the Hymettos, Greece
The regional spatio-temporal composition of Orthoptera species at the Hymettos near Athens, which is a Natura 2000 site under constant threat due to the surrounding megacity, is assessed and a song library is established as prerequisites for future automatic song detection.