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Catalogue of Stellar Photometry in Johnson's 11-color system.

  title={Catalogue of Stellar Photometry in Johnson's 11-color system.},
  author={Jorge Ricardo Ducati},
Infrared Interferometric Three-dimensional Diagnosis of the Atmospheric Dynamics of the AGB Star R Dor with VLTI/AMBER
The mechanism of mass loss in late evolutionary stages of low- and intermediate-mass stars is not yet well understood. Therefore, it is crucial to study the dynamics of the region within a few
Identification of pulsational modes in rotating slowly pulsating B-type stars
Knowledge of the geometry of pulsational modes is a prerequisite for seismic modelling of stars. In the case of slowly pulsating B-type (SPB) pulsators, the simple zero-rotation approach so far used
A stellar photo-polarimeter
A new astronomical photo-polarimeter that can measure linear polarization of point sources simultaneously in three spectral bands was designed and built in the Institute. The polarimeter has a
Broad-band photometric colors and effective temperature calibrations for late-type giants. I. Z = 0.02
We investigate the effects of metallicity on the broad-band photometric colors of late-type giants, and make a comparison of synthetic colors with observed photometric properties of late-type giants
Dynamical Surface Imaging of λ Andromedae
We present temperature maps of RS CVn star λ Andromedae, reconstructed from interferometric data acquired in 2010 and 2011 by the Michigan Infra-Red Combiner instrument at the Center for High Angular
Rotationally modulated photometric variations in B supergiants
In this contribution, we present BRITE observations of the early-B supergiants $\epsilon$ Ori and $\kappa$ Ori. We perform a preliminary analysis of the data acquired over the first two Orion
The companion candidate near Fomalhaut – a background neutron star?
The directly detected planetary mass companion candidate close to the young, nearby star Fomalhaut is a subject of intense discussion. While the detection of common proper motion led to the
High spectral resolution imaging of the dynamical atmosphere of the red supergiant Antares in the CO first overtone lines with VLTI/AMBER
Aims. We present aperture-synthesis imaging of the red supergiant Antares (α Sco) in the CO first overtone lines. Our goal is to probe the structure and dynamics of the outer atmosphere. Methods.
Measurement of the second-order g(2) correlation function of visible light from Vega in photon counting mode
This paper illustrates the results of an experiment performed in the frame of the Asiago Observatory Stellar Intensity Interferometry program, aimed to exploit the quantum properties of the photon
Comparison of Image Scale Calibration Techniques: Known Pairs, Drift Scans and Aperture Grating
We compared several techniques for calibrating angular separation between wide (>1 arcsec) pairs. These techniques are (i) reference pair calibration using {\alpha} Cen AB orbital parameters, (ii)