Catalog of nearby exoplanets

  title={Catalog of nearby exoplanets},
  author={R. Butler and J. Wright and G. Marcy and D. Fischer and S. Vogt and C. Tinney and H. Jones and B. Carter and J. Johnson and C. McCarthy and A. Penny},
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We present a catalog of nearby exoplanets. It contains the 172 known low-mass companions with orbits established through radial velocity and transit measurements around stars within 200 pc. We include five previously unpublished exoplanets orbiting the stars HD 11964, HD 66428, HD 99109, HD 107148, and HD 164922. We update orbits for 83 additional exoplanets, including many whose orbits have not been revised since their announcement, and include radial velocity time series from the Lick, Keck… Expand
A Catalogue of Nearby Exoplanets
We report on our online catalogue ( which contains all the known exoplanets with masses and orbits established by the Doppler measurements of stars with 200pc. ItExpand
We present new precise HIRES radial velocity (RV) data sets of five nearby stars obtained at Keck Observatory. HD 31253, HD 218566, HD 177830, HD 99492, and HD 74156 are host stars of spectralExpand
The Exoplanet Orbit Database
We present a database of well-determined orbital parameters of exoplanets, and their host stars’ properties. This database comprises spectroscopic orbital elements measured for 427 planets orbitingExpand
Four New Exoplanets and Hints of Additional Substellar Companions to Exoplanet Host Stars
We present four new exoplanets: HIP 14810b and HIP 14810c, HD 154345b, and HD 187123c. The two planets orbiting HIP 14810, from the N2K project, have masses of 3.9 and 0.76 M_J. We have searched theExpand
Rotation periods of exoplanet host stars
The stellar rotation periods of 10 exoplanet host stars have been determined using newly analysed Ca II H&K flux records from the Mount Wilson Observatory and Str¨ omgren b, y photometricExpand
The California Planet Survey. I. Four New Giant Exoplanets
We present precise Doppler measurements of four stars obtained during the past decade at Keck Observatory by the California Planet Survey (CPS). These stars, namely, HD 34445, HD 126614, HD 13931,Expand
The Mass of the Candidate Exoplanet Companion to HD 33636 from Hubble Space Telescope Astrometry and High-Precision Radial Velocities
We have determined a dynamical mass for the companion to HD 33636 which indicates it is a low-mass star instead of an exoplanet. Our result is based on an analysis of Hubble Space Telescope (HST)Expand
The Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey: HD 32963—A New Jupiter Analog Orbiting a Sun-like Star
We present a set of 109 new, high-precision Keck/HIRES radial velocity (RV) observations for the solar-type star HD 32963. Our dataset reveals a candidate planetary signal with a period of 6.49 $\pm$Expand
The detection of exoplanets through direct imaging has produced numerous new positive identifications in recent years. The technique is biased toward planets at wide separations due to the difficultyExpand
The frequency of low-mass exoplanets
We report first results from the Anglo-Australian Telescope Rocky Planet Search—an intensive, high-precision Doppler planet search targeting low-mass exoplanets in contiguous 48 night observingExpand


Statistical properties of exoplanets. II. Metallicity, orbital parameters, and space velocities
In this article we present a detailed spectroscopic analysis of more than 50 extra-solar planet host stars. Stellar atmospheric parameters and metallicities are derived using high resolution and highExpand
The ELODIE survey for northern extra-solar planets. III. Three planetary candidates detected with ELODIE
We present our ELODIE radial-velocity measurements of HD 74156 and 14 Her (HD 145675). These stars ex- hibit low-amplitude radial-velocity variations induced by the presence of low-mass companions.Expand
On the Eccentricity of HD 209458b
We report 85 high-precision Doppler radial velocity measurements taken between 1999.5 and 2005.0 of the parent star of the transiting planet HD 209458b. We obtain an orbital fit to the 68 radialExpand
The CORALIE survey for southern extrasolar planets V. 3 new extrasolar planets
We report the detection of 3 new planetary companions orbiting the solar-type stars GJ 3021, HD 52265 and HD 169830 using radial-velocity measurements taken with the CORALIE echelle spectrograph. AllExpand
Five New Extrasolar Planets
We report multiple Doppler measurements of five nearby FGK main-sequence stars and subgiants obtained during the past 4-6 yr at the Keck Observatory. These stars, namely, HD 183263, HD 117207, HDExpand
The ELODIE survey for northern extra-solar planets - I. Six new extra-solar planet candidates
Precise radial-velocity observations at Haute-Provence Observatory (OHP, France) with the ELODIE echelle spectrograph have been undertaken since 1994. In addition to several discoveries describedExpand
The ELODIE survey for northern extra-solar planets - II. A Jovian planet on a long-period orbit around GJ 777 A
We present radial-velocity measurements obtained with the ELODIE and AFOE spectrographs for GJ 777 A (HD 190360), a metal-rich ((Fe/H)= 0.25) nearby (d= 15.9 pc) star in a stellar binary system. AExpand
A Neptune-Mass Planet Orbiting the Nearby M Dwarf GJ 436
We report precise Doppler measurements of GJ 436 (M2.5 V) obtained at Keck Observatory. The velocities reveal a planetary companion with orbital period of 2.644 days, eccentricity of 0.12 (consistentExpand
HD 137510: An Oasis in the Brown Dwarf Desert*
Since the beginning of precise Doppler surveys, which have had stunning success in detecting extrasolar planetary companions, one surprising enigma has emerged: the relative paucity of spectroscopicExpand
No planet for HD 166435
The G0 V star HD 166435 has been observed by the ber-fed spectrograph ELODIE as one of the targets in the large extra-solar planet survey that we are conducting at the Observatory of Haute-Provence.Expand